Pros and Cons of Having a Garden Bed

Spring means getting your hands dirty for planting season. Whether it’s plants or vegetables, you might be thinking about creating a garden bed this year. Now, when it comes to gardening, I realize everyone has their own school of thought and specific way to address the year’s crop. However, if you’re new, here are a few pros and cons to building a garden bed. 

The Good Side of Garden Beds

They’re Pretty

When laid out correctly, garden beds look much cleaner and more organized than traditional gardens. 

Keeps Those Kids and Animals Out

If you’ve had a garden, you understand that keeping animals and children away from your plants can be a task at times. Having a raised garden bed can eliminate a little bit of this risk. 

?You Can Start Planting Early

The soils inside the bed warm up a lot faster than soils in the ground. That means with a garden bed, you can get a jump on your planting early in the season. 

The Downside of Garden Beds

They’re a Bit Pricey

?If you’re not going to use the natural land for a garden, a bed is going to cost you more in materials. You have to buy the supplies to actually create your box, plus the soil and any fertilizer that you might use

They Take a Lot of Water

Raised beds require more watering than a traditional garden. In warm summer weather, the soil will dry faster. Setting up a drip irrigation system can be difficult with garden beds, which will require you to get out more and water by hand. 

They’re Not So Sustainable

Since you’re most likely going to be supplying the soil and materials for the bed, garden beds can be less sustainable than a traditional bed.

Whether you take the traditional approach or build a garden bed, I hope that you have a successful crop this year. If you’ve tried both or have an opinion of garden beds vs. a traditional garden, let me know! Comment on my Facebook page. If you’re looking for a new place to dig your garden, give me a call! I’d be happy to help you with all of your real estate needs. 

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